Sustainability vs. Resilience

Our Core Philosophy

We design for Resilience 100x MORE than for sustainability. We serve our clients core needs. Very Few clients are coming to us for “Green” topics. They are coming to protect their families, businesses, employees, Armed Service members,  and key tangible assets, both private and government owned. As the western world continues in decline on many fronts, we see more and more clients seeking  the capability for their project/site/facility to operate independent of  24/7/365  grid based utility support, and in spite of major Natural Hazard and Human Threat Events. (NCARB Security training) The ability to operate in an off-grid mode, even as a temporary bridge during a grid down situation/brown out/ or seasonal storm led me to achieve CPHC+CPHB and the Fortified certifications.

The ability to operate off-grid requires a facility of the absolute minimal size energy footprint for the entire structure and all its operating parameters, including user interface.

 If we design a structure to survive an earthquake or  tropical storm, but it loses its energy system, the building become uninhabitable quickly. For example, not just lighting and heating/cooling of extreme outdoor temperatures, but the sewage system,  if you cannot remove human wastewater, the building become unserviceable very quickly, and/or a biohazard situation erupts. 3 minutes without air, 3 days without water, 3 weeks without food; but hypothermia can kill within hours, and if the toilet stops flushing, then all bets are off… History has been unkind to refugees. Don’t become one yourself  nor let your clients become such.

Douglas Clark 
Architect for Hardened Structures Hardened Shelters and Secure Life Homes


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