Secure Life Homes GRID Down Homes
Licensed architects in over 17 states, engineers & builders of resilient, hardened homes, off grid homes, and other hardened structures, including shelters against severe storms, safe rooms, and nuclear fallout bunkers

Our Philosophy


We passionately believe there is a better way to do homes in America. A way that is both safer, and more resilient, but also, healthier for our families daily.

We believe there are others also forging this path on multiple fronts, and we look to proven methods both domestically and abroad to arrive at a coordinated system which is unique compared to nearly anyone else designing homes today.

We believe people will be happier, safer, more secure and fulfilled if they are not fully dependent on the utility grid or even on the local grocery, nor dependent on police protection for their security or agencies like FEMA for a local storm event.

We believe American homes, which consume nearly 40% of the utility grid energy in America, can become decentralized and power independent, with building technology that already exists, for affordable costs for regular families.

We believe this alone will reduce grid energy problems and dependence on foreign sources of energy, without hurting fellow Americans, and at the same time give people more freedom and power over their own lives.

We believe this freedom and personal power will give regular Americans the strength and available time and resources to change the world in the way it is managed and even governed.

At Secure Life Homes we can help you lead your family to a safer more sustainable and healthy living space through advanced architectural designs.


Douglas, Rumiko and all of us at Secure Life Homes.