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Flee The City

Flee the City Real Estate
Strategic Relocation
Secure Life Homes partners with Flee the City to help clients find the right rural property to begin their new lifestyle anywhere in the United States. Our integrated consulting and real estate services allow a seamless workflow with Secure Life Homes to create and prioritize the site selection data (region, state, county and micro-locale), search and evaluate vacant land (custom build) or homes and land (for retrofit) within the clients exacting criteria. 


We work in conjunction with the clients criteria to review hundreds of properties choosing only approved candidates to conduct on-site physical inspections and evaluations. For out-of-area clients this ‘boots on the ground’ aspect is key to a successful selection process. The goal is to have the client arrive to view up to five exceptional pre-approved rural properties worthy of making on offer to purchase. Only the best will do for our clients.


Flee the City offers private OPSEC driven buyer representation services ensuring the client may remain within their chosen anonymity parameters. We represent the everyday family seeking to build a safe and sustainable farmstead as well as high and ultra high net worth individuals. This includes a multi-layer legal entity approach and on-site Buyer identity protection protocols working in tandem with the Buyers security detail and the Secure Life Team.