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Which Is the Best State to Live Off the Grid? Top 7 Options


Off-the-grid (OTG) is the term used for a special lifestyle where people live without any remote infrastructure. For instance, they don’t need an electrical grid, nor municipal sources of natural gas, water supply, sewer, or other utilities. Living in this way means operating your house independently. But… Continue Reading “Which Is the Best State to Live Off the Grid? Top 7 Options”

Modular or Prefabricated Safe Room

Hardened Home Design Architect

For this discussion we are focused on the safe room for protection against Human threats. FEMA has extensive documentation to help consumers on the topic of saferooms for Natural Hazards, Multiple vendors are in the business of providing saferooms to clients as a… Continue Reading “Modular or Prefabricated Safe Room”

Some thoughts on the February 2021 Texas Grid Outage- and How We Can Help Protect Ourselves.

In 2016, I was invited by Senator Bob Hall to speak at the 2016 Texas Grid Security Summit. I spoke on how to secure the grid during disasters, especially on residential level. It came with great disappointment to open the news today to see… Continue Reading “Some thoughts on the February 2021 Texas Grid Outage- and How We Can Help Protect Ourselves.”

Fortified Gold Level Home

Article 1 A case for making your new home a Fortified Gold Level Home. When building a new home, we all have a wish list of important features to improve the quality of life compared to our current situation. This usually includes more space,… Continue Reading “Fortified Gold Level Home”

Passive House Busts High Cost Myth

Wildfire Resistive Home design

An article by Bruce Sullivan There’s a myth circulating that super energy-efficient homes cost more to build than homes with typical code-level energy features. Last year, Architect, Richard Pedranti, busted that myth by designing a home to Passive House standards for only $165 per square foot.… Continue Reading “Passive House Busts High Cost Myth”

Fortified Grade – informational videos

Below are videos with information related to the fortified grade of homes that we design. The video below is 6 minutes of wind force examples from around the world!

A New series!


We will be writing a series of articles on “The Least That One Should Do When Building A New Home” (or remodeling an existing home). What is important to note is that many of the topics we will be discussing are either very low… Continue Reading “A New series!”

Program development

Off Grid capable home design

We begin consulting services for new design clients under a predesign consulting agreement to perform the professional service of “Program Development”. Here is an internet source to an explanation of architectural programming There are entire books on the topic, but the above web link is a… Continue Reading “Program development”

Space planning

ICF Insulated Concrete Form Home design

Space planning for a secure home is notably different from traditional American executive home design and construction. America has lived through a very long period of relative safety, so much so that most new home seekers, as well as residential architects, who design wonderful… Continue Reading “Space planning”

San Mateo, California

Storm resistant Home design

We recently completed a design and build for a client in San Mateo, California. Here are some of the pictures! If you are interested in any of the designs below or have any questions on what we did, please click the button below or… Continue Reading “San Mateo, California”