Secure Life Homes GRID Down Homes
Licensed architects in over 17 states, engineers & builders of resilient, hardened homes, off grid homes, and other hardened structures, including shelters against severe storms, safe rooms, and nuclear fallout bunkers

Top Tier

At the top tier of our services are larger scale projects for groups as large as 40 to 50 or more persons, with both,  one or more hardened homes on the site and underground bunkers engineered to provide life support in the event of extreme disasters up to and including blast protection and nuclear fallout sheltering. These truly high security projects are several orders of magnitude more expensive than traditional residential construction. The homes are constructed of steel reinforced, ultra high strength concrete as are the bunkers. Ballistic windows, high security doors and bunker blast doors together can cost as much as a typical  new home for these larger projects.The designs include life supporting redundant systems for everything from off grid energy production to air filtration and water supply and heating systems.
The designs are by licensed architects and engineers and peer reviewed and revised to meet  critique by modern war fighting professionals such as Ex US Navy SEALs.The projects are custom tailored to each client’s needs in the following broad categories

  1. Threat Hierarchy of Natural Hazards and Human Threat Events
  2. Assets to Protect, (Human and material) and
  3. Site specific Conditions.( local and regional)

We  perform professional program development services and consider the entire client site from well established practices of secure design such as concentric rings of security concepts.

  • Is this the level of service you are seeking?
  • Have you considered an ultimate budget and secured funds for this endeavor?
  • Do you have a site selected already? (If not we recommend  Todd Savage of as an excellent consultant with decades of vast experience for retreat property site search.

We would be glad to schedule an initial no cost or obligation consultation conference call with you at your convenience to discuss your needs and how we may be of service to you. 

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